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Situated in the heart of Triglav National Park, in the middle of traditional Alpine village, our Homestead has 200 years of history. Though small, but quaint and unique.

We rebuilt it into "Boutique Ranch" as we have two beautifull Arrabians living with us.

Their job is to teach people valuable Life Skills by using academically proven method where the Horse becomes our Teacher.

You can find horses at home from October till June.

We also offer Accomodation in 4 different rooms, each with a story of its own. We invite you to come and discover us.

During Summer season while our horses enjoy their deserved vacation and carelessly graze on the mountain pasture, we invite you to enjoy the comfort of a hotel room in our Hay Barn Loft.

  • 1 on 1 Life Skills

    Nepozabno učenje s konjem
    Velja eno leto
    • 1 srečanje Nepozabno učenje za življenje s konjem
  • 8 srečanj Curiculum

    Nepozabno učenje s konjem
    Velja 8 tednov
    • 8 Sessions of Unforgettable Learning with a horse
    • Groups of min 2, max 8 people
  • Best Value

    Pristna Ti

    Gradimo močne osebnosti in zdrave odnose
    Velja 6 tednov
    • Brezplačna izposoja koles
    • Brezplačna 3 dnevna kartica mobilnosti “Gost Bohinja”,
    • Brezplačen vstop za v